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This is where I describe myself with 3 characters and I think each fits me perfectly in different ways…

Harry Potter from the Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

The Golden Trio: Harry, Hermione and Ron
Harry Potter: Harry is a very hot headed invdividual with a great destiny piled onto his shoulders and thus with this destiny comes responsibilities and expectations that he is either made to know or not; But either way, he has a rebellious streak in him and never fails to do what is right despite making big blunders but while, he doesn’t quite understand the Wizarding World as others would, because he was raised by The Dursley’s and not his the Potters because they were killed by the Dark Wizard Voldermort; but despite the abuse that Harry deals with and the fact that Dumbledore forces to make his aunt, Petunia Dursley remember the promise to protect Harry until he turned 17, and yet, despite this kind deed from her, it doesn’t excuse the fact that she resented his existence because of her sister, Lily. Harry is someone that is quite like me: trying to fit into two worlds and struggling to define our lives despite the bad or good legacy of our parents; And while my own parents are alive, they remain out of my life, estranged and this Harry clings to Sirius because of how close he was to James, Harry’s father and that Sirius was made to be Harry’s godfather; and when Harry loses Sirius, the pain is too real and just staggering to deal with and he does go into a deep depression but he shakes himself out of it when he realizes that he is needed to make things right.

Ron, Hermione, Harry, Albus, Ginny, Draco, and Scorpius From the Cursed Child 
That’s what I am inside. I always try to cling to anyone like my husband that shows me love and affection and that can be bad when they either leave or die; It is beyond devastating and almost out of control when they disappoint me, too. I am impulsive like Harry when it comes to decisions and can later regret what I’ve done but I always try to salvage the situations and I have times when I lull into depression but soon, I snap out of it when I realize that I am needed not just by others but by myself, too. In the end, we are similar because we believe in breaking rules to do what needs to be done in order to help out anyone and possibly save the day, and face the painful reality around us. He was raised in the Muggle world, I am half Hispanic and white, and while I don’t speak Spanish, I understand a bit but honestly, I belong no where except to be in between and that’s Harry. Looking for acceptance and finally making it for himself, even if I haven’t gotten that far. He is an inspiration to not just me but others too, those readers that grew up with him because he is not only a flawed human being-a child going through the rough patch of teenage years to adulthood. If he can do it then I can, and if he can face the trauma of his past-I can do too.

Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 1
Usagi Tsukino: She is quite lazy, prone to crying fits, is very bad at her studies and quite helpless at times; but what makes her character glow is the fact, that she finds the strength through her powers as the Princess Serenity and her Sailor Guardian transformations, that she can do anything. At first, she is nothing special at age 14 and still in middle school and while she has friends, she’s sly, and always pigging out and playing video games plus always waking up late to school which her mother scolds her for. She isn’t someone that you would think could change and become a better person and that is what we see in the later episodes but it is the introduction of Luna of the Moon Kingdom that bestows the power of Sailor Moon to Usagi, and from there, she still struggles but gaining many allies, including the mysterious Tuxedo Mask and fellow Inner Sailor Guardians, helps her transform more than just her clothes to a stronger person. She cries less and less as times goes by in different arcs and while, her attitude and even change of heart enlarges when it comes to her friends. She is quite loyal and will do anything for them even if it means putting herself in danger and eventually she learns to face the enemy head on and become more focus. She is still emotional but this emotional side is just a trade mark of her’s that she keeps but she never puts her friends’ in danger if she can help it. She is never afraid when she has the support of her friends behind her and can do almost anything and grant wishes and perform miracles.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Manga
Like Harry, she was a princess of the Moon Kingdom and thus, killed herself because of her lover’s death: Prince Endymion; but thanks to her mother, Queen Serenity, the dark forces that threatened not only the Moon Kingdom and Earth was vaniquished for a time and everyone was reincarnated as normal humans. When Usagi finds out she is in fact the Moon Princess and her memories come back, she realizes that not only the leadership position is up to her, but that she has a great responsibility to protect everyone. She finds strength in not herself but others too.

Original Sailor Moon anime ’90s
I think that’s what I find a connection between me and her-we are not only loyal but retain the idea that people can be good at heart and that happiness is possible and dreams are worth pursuing, because having dreams makes life worth living in the end. Even if we do or don’t accomplish this, we still can have hope for the future. I am, also lazy at times and a big crybaby, so sensitive to everything but when it really counts-we are there for our friends and people we love. We never want to see them hurt or cry and will do anything to help them in their time of need. We are alike in those respects and will continue to help not only ourselves but others too. We are selfless to a fault and love so deep, so much that it hurts us in the end but we always persevere in the end.

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3

Sora from Kingdom Hearts Series by Square Enix

Goofy, Sora, and Donald from Kingdom Hearts 
Sora: Sora can be summed up as pure, carefree and willing to do anything for his friends and while, he shares this trait with Usagi, he is different in regards that he understands his role perfectly as the Keyblade Master (at least in the first Kingdom Hearts) and while, he is selfish throughout the first Kingdom Hearts, he learns to be kinder and trust his companions: Goofy and Donald more. He wants to be with his friends, Riku and Kairi and will do anything for them as he grew up with them both on Destiny Island and it was here that the Heartless came to his world and destroyed it but he found the potential to store the light within himself and wield the Keyblade. He even fights against Riku, his best friend when he realizes that the darkness has taken over in Riku and Sora gives up his heart to wake up Kairi as she was one of the 7 Princesses of Light, thus turning him into a heartless and creating Roxas, his nobody. When you lose your heart, a being called a Nobody is born and thus the strongest hearts can only take the form of a person while weaker hearts just because nobodies that have weird shapes and forms, like monsters.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora

At least when he tries, he manages always to make the best out of every situation and try his best until he succeeds and that is an admirable trait to have. His sheer perseverance makes it worth while as a character and I strive to be like him when things get arduous. He is someone you can depend on and that’s what I wish to be. I wanna be like him in mindset and knowing that I strive to achieve the goals that I set, I realized he is a great role model and to be honest, I don’t look up at anyone except myself and even if he is a video game character, he still is real because of the team that made him, put the essence of someone into Sora.

Dream Drop Distance Sora
I’ll always try to be like him in ways I couldn’t ever be but anything is possible with Sora. Anything is achievable as long as you have a dream and belief and a will to make it true. He’s that type of guy as he’s older now.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora

These are three characters that I best believe represents me and my many traits and of course there is more but I could only pick 3 for now.

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Based on the bit I know about you I would say those characters suit you!