Don’t Break In

Posted on September 11th, 2018 in poems by adminess. 0 Comments

Poem inspired by Persona 5 The Animation

Notes: Thanatos is the personification of death

Memento Mori: Remember you will die

pathos: appeal to emotion



and an unbreakable tie
struck us
though I’m only managing
though I’m only running
but where is the desire
to fulfill the fate I’m missing?
breaking and tears are drying on the styrofoam
but the knives are sharpened
and like before they stab
what’s going back?
why am I really breaking into?
and by the pathos in the preaching
of words gone by?
evangelize the memories
reverberate what my heart
breaking in and breaking out
making do with the straight
lines we kept crossing
playing in the streetlights
and before I’m just still
leaving the healing to
the requiem of the dark
there’s no mass
there are no scars to keep us content
feigning the normality
of my life
and if I make the break into the night?
who’s deceit am I really fumbling into?
introductions are worthless
so get out
now with renewed vigor
Thanatos keeps us hanging on
it’s not immortality
that keeps breaking me in and out
keeps me from remembering
memento mori
remember then
remember this
and now I’m breaking in
breaking out the fazed and dazed
breaking in so we can
break out again