Doggo’s Love

Posted on August 20th, 2018 in poems by adminess. 0 Comments

For Marley

The object of beauty
Was always waiting for me
But instrumental to the trying times, 
And the drying tears

Your face glowed
As intimacy fell between us
Not greater than equals
Footings were always
When walking when my
Ankles buckled

So even if we don’t speak the same language meant for more was us bonding
My shadow
My happiness
You are one good reason to not
Self inflict the turmoil of my head

Not that my heart couldn’t take it,
you just radiated
and why, you’ll never know
except through my actions why I love you
Why I am thankful for you

We meant to exist now
On the same planet
Under the same heart
Of the sky
No amount of sadness takes
You from me