Nevermind The Damned

Posted on July 30th, 2018 in poems by adminess. 0 Comments

take it as it comes
future be damned
if the fantastic wasn’t
more to tell you

that we’re weirdos
and belonging is nevermind
to the uninitiated
and like now

I wanna soar in zero gravity
I want to be the quirky one
that tells the unbelievable
but why not live one?

Why can’t the world be futuristic like us?
aren’t we the perfect duo to strike out?
we are the embodiment of the coolness
we sought to accomplish

and like the endless imagination
that brings us

and disconnecting is the uncoupling
of words
of muttered moments
like that
like this

we were the future
we were always striving
we were always the stories
we told

it’s a futuristic imagination that keeps
us from being the one
being the silence
with a golden tongue

and like before
we take it as it comes
and it’s a way to overwhelm all
the stories we once strode to
and it’s one thing
to pry

the disclosed encounters
of the future
in us
it’s okay to strike out